Ashbec LLC - Treatment Optimization for Patient Safety (TOPS)

Ashbec LLC - Treatment Optimization for Patient Safety (TOPS)

Cross Industry
Consulting Services

Full stack development

-- design and development of client/server/web applications using tools such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL. Experience using Linux / Windows / Mac OS servers including the use of Apache. Comfortable with AJAX / REST applications. Experience with server to server communications including credit card processing. Strong OOD/OOP capabilities.

Legacy conversion projects

-- conversion of documented or undocumented legacy applications into application environments such as the one described for full stack development. Experience with legacy environments including COBOL, FORTRAN, PL/1, IBM 360/370 assembler, JCL, TSO, IMS DB/DC, CICS, DB2 as well as numerous simulation languages.

Mobile application development

-- design and development of mobile applications for iOS or Android. iOS applications would typically use Swift and Xcode. Android applications would typically use Java and Android Studio. Experience developing applications that communicate with one or more servers. Download free example applications from the Apple Store or Google Play:

Information Technology Research and Training

-- decades of experience researching information technology methods, techniques and products including several years with Gartner, Inc.   Research topics can include any area of IT and might include:

  •  package selection and implementation,
  •  high reliability environments,
    •  cloud vendors / environments
    •  Hystrix, Kubernetes, microservices or other reliability related packages or environments
  •   software development methods, tools and environments.
Where appropriate, training programs can be developed and delivered to implement the results of the research projects in the form of new standards.

Business Transformation/Strategic Business Planning

IBM Research Triangle presentation

  • assist senior business executives with the incorporation of information technology in a disruptive fashion to gain competitive advantage.
  • Help build agile organizations that can react quickly to changing conditions and continually improve quality and performance.
  • Identify where the use of information technology is tactical and where it is strategic.
  • Clarify the role of a CIO versus CTO, the responsibilties of each and effective reporting relationships for both positions.
The methods and techniques used are applicable across all industries / organizations.