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Privacy Policy is a Web site developed and maintained by Ashbec LLC.  When you register with, we add your e-mail address to our database to allow us to send you information that is specific to your account.  We use an electronic mailing list so we can send you information about our latest publications and about new features, additions, and changes to our Web site. will not send you such emails if you opt out of such notices upon registration or subsequently by updating your member profile except for e-mails related to maintaining your account. does not provide customer information to any third parties. 

The Ashbec LLC Customer Privacy Policy has been developed as part of our commitment to provide the highest quality products and services and maintain the highest level of integrity in dealing with our customers.  The Policy discloses how we collect, store and use information about customers and prospects.  Periodically, we assess and modify this policy in light of new technologies, business practices and our customers' changing needs.  Ashbec LLC may, from time to time, modify this Customer Privacy Policy to reflect legal, technological and other developments.  In that event, the changes will appear on our web site, at this URL.  Ashbec LLC is committed to using all reasonable efforts to abide by the following Policy statement:

1.   Personally-Identifiable Information will only be collected where Ashbec LLC identifies a reasonably necessary and legitimate business purpose.

2.   Choice: Opt Out.  Ashbec LLC does not provide any personally identifiable information to third parties.  If that policy should change, customers will be given the ability to opt out of such distribution.

3.   Security.  Appropriate safeguards will be implemented in an effort to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of Personally-Identifiable Information about our customers and prospects.  Specifically, we encrypt passwords and personally identifiable information stored in our database.  This encryption uses 128-bit open-source encryption methods.  Our database is password protected and behind a firewall for your protection.

4.   Access: Review and correction.  You can review and change or correct your Personally-Identifiable Information that has been collected by Ashbec LLC.  These procedures may not, however, compromise the security, integrity and privacy of either Ashbec LLC's proprietary databases.  Methods of review and correction require a valid login.

5.   Data Forwarding.  At this time, the only forwarding of information occurs by request of a verified, legitimate government agency as required by law. 

Questions and comments?  The Ashbec LLC Customer Privacy Policy has been developed out of respect for the privacy preferences and choices of our customers and prospects.  We have established procedures to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to address your concerns.