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Medical Facility Performance Reporting Examples

Example #1

Example #1 is an example of a line chart showing trends over the last 20 quarters for seven medical facilities that draw patients from the Detroit metropolitan area.

Example #2

Example #2 is a tabular report that shows a number of aggregates and individual metrics for 20 medical facilities in the Seattle area over the past 8 quarters. Note that even though the report includes 20 separate facilities, not all facilities reported a sufficient amount of data to be included in each of the tables. This is explained further in the discussion of how reports are defined and customized.


Mobile apps

How Safe Is The Hospital Near You?

Recent estimates of the annual deaths caused by preventable medical error range from 250,000 people to 440,000 people. Generally speaking, the consensus seems to be that preventable medical error has become the third leading cause of death although it was bumped to fourth in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nonlethal injuries are much too common. It is becoming increasingly important to select hospitals that are reaching their safety objectives.

Ashbec LLC has developed an objective hospital patient safety rating system based on data reported by hospitals to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The intent is to provide a rating based on observable data rather than the subjective opinions used in many published rankings of hospitals. The apps rate overall hospital safety as well as providing safety ratings for a limited number of healthcare specialties (cardiac, orthopedic and pulmonary care) to the extent possible from the available CMS data. Rankings can be retrieved by facility name or the highest ranked facilities near a specific geographic location (such as your phone's location given your permission). These rankings are available via as an iOS app on the Apple app store. You can download the app to your phone here:

For a more detailed explanation of the calculations and measurements used in the hospital rating, see Ashbec Hospital Patient Safety Ranking System in the research and analysis section.