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References from past colleagues

"Having worked with Vaughn for many years I can recommend him highly. His level of focus and attention to detail are standouts in this already competitive market, and he continually is looking outside of the box to insure all avenues are pursued and no opportunities are missed."

David Cappuccio,
Vice President,
Distinguished Analyst,
Chief of Research

"Vaughn is a world-class analyst and thought leader. I worked with Vaughn for several years and developed a respect for his insights, communication skills and client service orientation. I would recommend him for any position that requires exemplary collaboration, communication and leadership skills."

Bill Kirwin,
Founder, International Institute of IT Economics,
Creator of IT TCO

"Vaughn has always had a strong grasp of business process and IT methodologies and the ability to apply them with detail particularly at the early phases. As a consultant, he has excelled in bringing value."

Jim Sinur,
Vice President

"Vaughn is incredibly customer-focused and savvy, and has a deep understanding of their needs and requirements at the intersection of business and technology. I highly endorse Vaughn and believe he would be an asset for any company that he would be affiliated with."

Bill McNee,
Managing Principal

"Vaughn is a very sharp analyst who can see the big picture while still digging hard into the details. He was a pleasure to work with."

Stephen Bradley,
Executive Advisory

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